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A New York Law Firm specializing in Corporate Law, Commercial Transactions, Insurance & Defense, Real Estate, Immigration, Personal Injury, Litigation, Foreclosure & Landlord/Tenant Issues throughout New York City and Long Island



Ades & Associates is a private law firm whose mission is to give you the personal attention and focus, which  you will not receive from a larger firm. It's partners, David Ades and Elana Ades are experienced attorneys who will help you resolve your legal issues whether you are a potential plaintiff wanting to enforce your legal rights or are being sued and need to defend your rights and protect your assets.  


Please contact Ades and Associates to set up an appointment. Ades and Associates is available normal weekday working hours 9:00 a.m. -  6:00 p.m. Their attorneys will walk you through the litigation process as it pertains to your case and give you an honest estimate of best and worst-case scenarios, including an estimate of the time and costs involved in handling your case.  Personal Injury cases are handled on a contingent fee basis.


For more information, please click on firm overview. where you can also learn about the possibility of Alternative Dispute Resolution if you wish to avoid litigation.


We are admitted to practice in New York and have experience handling cases in all New York State.





David Ades graduated from Benjamin N. Cardozo Law School and began his legal career handling all areas of corporate law, real estate transactions and commercial transactions.


David also gained extensive experience in representing clients in court on personal injury and civil litigation matters. He was associated with an insurance coverage and defense firm for over ten years and is well versed in insurance law disputes. Other areas of law with which he has been involved include landlord/tenant and foreclosure defense.

In addition to his legal practice, David graduated from Columbia University with a degree in history and has had many years of experience as a business owner. 

Applying his practical experience to his many years of legal experience, David opened up a private practice in 2009 with his partner Elana Ades where he works very closely with clients on a personal and individual level. 

David is a member of the bar associations for Queens and Kings counties. 

Elana Ades graduated from Brooklyn Law School in 1996. In addition to her high honors as a student, her academic achievements include membership in the Moot Court Honor Society and Regional Semi-Finalist  in The Texas Young Lawyers Association.

Elana began her private practice in the year 2000 helping clients with immigration issues, matrimonial matters and traffic offenses. She has appeared on numerous occasions before the USCIS on deportation and adjustment of status actions. 

Elana is a member of the Queens County Bar Association. She obtained her undergraduate degree at New York University, Cum Laude with  degrees in political science and foreign languages. In addition to English, Elana is fluent in Spanish, French, and Persian.



Case Handling Methods


If you are forced to protect or enforce your legal rights through the court system because another person, business or government entity has caused you monetary or personal harm, you are a potential plaintiff. If your legal problem involves one of our areas of practice, call us for a free case evaluation. You must file your claim or complaint within a certain period of time depending on what type of case it is or else the relevant statute of limitations will come into play and you will lose your right to sue.


We will help you formulate the best course of action going forward. You may just need a strongly worded demand letter. However, you must always be ready to back up any threat of litigation with action. That is where our litigation experience comes in. We will focus on the key issues in your case, gather the appropriate evidence to back your claim and ultimately, if your reasonable demands are not met, present your case to a jury in the best possible light. If you are the defendant in a lawsuit, you must respond to the plaintiff's complaint within a specified amount of time, usually 20 to 30 days after you are served. If you do not respond within the required timeframe, the plaintiff will take a default judgment against you. At that point you will either have to pay the plaintiff without the benefit of a defense or start digging yourself out of a legal pit.


You can avoid the default judgment by answering the plaintiff's complaint on time and establishing a sound defense. If you feel it is in your best interests to settle the case (maybe litigating will cost you more than paying the plaintiff), we will discuss the best settlement approaches for your situation. However, you usually cannot obtain a favorable resolution unless you are prepared to litigate. We can help you attempt to settle the case while preparing a strong defense in the event the case does not settle.


Alternative Dispute Resolution


Not every case needs to be litigated. With careful and thoughtful preparation, some cases can be resolved informally through simple negotiation and/or mediation. In evaluating your case, we will discuss Alternative Dispute Resolution and if you approve, we will make an attempt to resolve your legal problem without litigation, or with as little legal wrangling as possible.





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